Ask Us Anything: Why Has She Slept With 60 Guys And Him 90 Girls? Why The Difference In Numbers?

Question: Your statistics -- 60 guys for her, 90 girls for him, but only 14 MFM or FMF -- suggest your swinging is usually a pure swap: he plays with the other female, she plays with the other male. Do you have much interplay between the two couples? 

Him: I am not quite sure what you are asking.  If you read through the blog you will see that we typically start off with girl-on-girl and then do the swap.  I also sleep with girls one-on-one with the short term goal of having a threesome with my girlfriend and that other girl.  Most times it just ends up being a one night stand, other times it leads to a threesome, but that is why my numbers are significantly higher than my girlfriend.

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