Ask Us Anything: Does Swinging Really Enhance Your Relationship?

Question: does this really enhance your relationship? 

Him: I know it does. Here are several reasons: 

It is my position that people are not monogamous by nature. We have an extremely open and honest relationship with one another and have no need to be deceitful or to cheat. Seeing each other be pleased by other people and knowing it isn't the end of the world, but actually a turn on, removes jealousy from the relationship. I haven't felt jealousy in so long that I'm not even sure what it feels like at this point. In addition, the desire to stray or that whole, maybe the grass is greener on the other side feeling goes away. I've slept with many beautiful women, some more attractive than my girlfriend, some better in bed, but none who as a whole, when you combine personality and physical attraction comes close to how I feel about my girlfriend, and that really reinforces the strength of a relationship. The confidence from being with so many women also makes the relationship stronger. I don't have to go out and prove to myself that I am somehow attractive to other women, which I think happens to many men who have only been with a handful of women in their lives and are in a monogamous relationship. 

I can keep going with this, but for my own relationship, I have had absolutely no downside to swinging and only see the positive benefits that have come from it.

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