Ask Us Anything: Have You Hooked Up With Vanilla Friends?

Question: Have you ever hooked up with vanilla normal friends that wanted begin swinging? How did you introduce them to your secret life? 

Him: If we define "hooked up" as sex, then yes. We've hooked up with quite a few of our female vanilla friends, either through one on one sex with me or in the form of threesomes. Several of our male friends have had very basic play with my girlfriend in the form of fingering her and making out with her. Only one couple we were friends with in our vanilla life did we have a full swap with, but it turned out they had already been in the lifestyle, even before we had been. 

Only one female did we actually introduce to swingers parties and she seemed to have a great time going to them. We started with a one on one with me, which led to a couple of threesomes which then led us to bringing her to parties. We've had other single females ask to go to parties, but when it came down to actually attending one, they've backed out, even if they have played with both my girlfriend and I in the past. As for bringing male friends to swinger parties, it just really isn't an option since the parties we typically attend are couple/single female only parties and the ones that do allow "select" single men are situations where the hosts know the men personally. 

Overall, most of our friends know we are in the lifestyle. The ones we think would have a negative reaction, we just don't tell, but it is only a matter of time before someone tells them, so our "secret life" is becoming not so secret.

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Anonymous said...

Do you and your girlfriend live together and does she play with women and men alone

J said...

Him: We do live together. She would play with women alone, but not men.

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