Ask Us Anything: How Should I Handle Seeing An Ex At A Swingers Party?

Question: I am a single female interested in going to a taste party. However I know a single male that is friends with the host and goes there sometimes. Things didn't end well between him and I, how do I handle it if I see him there, I dont want to create drama. 

Him: Just be polite. Single females can attend the couples only Saturday night parties in addition to the singles only night during the week. Just attending Saturday night should be enough not to see him. But if you do, just be polite if he approaches you and then excuse yourself, or if he doesn't, pretend he isn't there. Lifestyle parties are drama adverse. No one wants issues and hosts are very quick to toss people that are causing drama. If at any point he makes you uncomfortable, go to the hosts and tell them. Single guys are a dime a dozen, while single females are called unicorns for a reason.

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