Ask Us Anything: We Want To Dip Our Toes & Watch. How Do We Get Started?

Question: my boyfriend (in new york) and i talk a lot about being with others when we're in bed together, and are thinking about dipping our toes. we'd like to go to a club, or more ideally, a house party where we can watch others. how should we get started? 

Him: I thought we answered this question in the past or written a guide on it, but now that I checked it looks like we will have to sit down and spend some time writing one. The short answer, for New York, is to sign up for the various online services and figure out which one seems right for you. We've found the best for New York is Swing Life Style (SLS). Through the "Hot Date" and "Events" features on the website you can find both house parties and clubs, though the only two on-premise clubs worth going to in New York City is Taste or Checkmates. You can bypass signing up for the online services and go to the websites for Taste or Checkmates which we have linked to on our blog and submit your photos for screening directly to them and obtain the address and additional information to attend, but if you want to find house parties, you are going to have to create a profile and do the whole SLS, SDC or Sexxy Mofo thing. Just be aware that if you only want to watch, clubs are better. Many hosts want full swap or soft swap couples to attend their house parties, while the clubs just want attractive people and their money.

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Anonymous said...

We have gone to two clubs... one in Vegas years ago was a less than worthy intro and just recently the new place Bowery Bliss.
Bowery Bliss worked out so well we are planning our next evening either there soon or Cherri Blossoms sooner.
Have J & J been to Bowery Bliss yet and is the a forthcoming review?
Is Encounters in Club Cherri worth the chance?
Due to attending Bowery Bliss I recently got an email about their events and the other club they are related too, Scarlett Zone. Being a new couple to these experiences, we want to choose next place carefully as Vegas dump put us off such clubs for a few years.

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