Ask Us Anything: How Do You Handle an FMF Threesome Where Both Girls are Straight?

Question: How do you handle an FMF threesome where both females are straight? Looking for some advice here because this will be happening for me (The male) very soon. 

Him: It is pretty difficult to focus on two girls at the same time during the entire threesome. If one of the girls is your girlfriend and she understands that and won't get jealous if you are giving attention to the other girl, then there shouldn't be any issues, but if she isn't then you will have to make sure you aren't spending an inordinate amount of time with any one girl. There are some positions that will allow you to all play, but more is involved than just merely throwing out tips. If one of the girls is shy in the bedroom then that can change the vibe and dynamic tremendously. The best theme to have in mind is to just make sure that any any given time one of them isn't sitting there twiddling them thumbs during the experience.

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