Ask Us Anything: How Do You Let Female Friends Know You Want a Threesome?

Question: we do have a few hot females in our circle and am sure they'd like to experiment. We'd like to let them know and involve in a 3some, but fear them being judgemental about us.. More over, wifey doesn't prefer them to know she's a bi unless we play. 

Him: Your wife should be able to discuss sexual topics with her female friends. This can include her asking her female friends about their own experiences and also sharing her own and different things she may be interested in trying. You can feel people out for receptiveness by having these kinds of conversations as opposed to flat out propositioning a friend for a threesome. There will always be people that judge you and if they do you have to ask yourself if you want those types of people in your life. You cannot live your life worrying about what other people think about you, especially if they have no real impact on it in the long term.  Once you are fairly sure the girl would be receptive, it is just a matter of creating the right kind of environment for the threesome to occur organically.

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Swap Fu said...

There's an old trick you can use to open the conversation.

You: I heard the craziest thing. One of my friends/coworkers/whatever told me she was involved in a threesome. I never thought she was the type to do something like that.

Your friend's response:

Option A: I don't think it's that crazy. (Yay!)


Option B: I could never do that. (Boo!)

You can continue the conversation from there without having admitted anything about yourself.

Jessica said...

First of all, i think you need courage. It takes balls for a male to ask his girlfriend for a threesome. You can never know the answer, but it takes balls.

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