Ask Us Anything: Are Most Guys Who Swing in the Lifestyle Well Hung?

Question: Hey guys, love the blog. I was wondering if you would say that you and most guys in the couples you guys swing with are well hung? My girlfriend and I have thought about the lifestyle, but sometimes worry if I would be adequate compared to others. Thanks. 

Him: The sizes of the guys range from below average to, on a few occasions, a bit too big for my girlfriend. Would I say most are well hung? No, most are average. My girlfriend enjoys 7 inches or larger. As for myself, I'm 7 inches, which is probably why my girlfriend likes 7 or more inches; it is just something she had probably grown used to over time.  There are guys she has played with that have been five or less inches and she would prefer not to play with them again. It is all about preference, but we've never heard of any girl turning away a guy after seeing his package in the lifestyle, though I suppose it may happen on occasion. Being compared to others is natural, we all have preferences and taste, but I don't think whatever your size is (unless it is something like three inches) is going to hamper your ability to enjoy the lifestyle.

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