Ask Us Anything: Do You Use Viagra/Cialis To Get Hard Again After Cumming?

Question: Like many guys, my refractile period (between coming once and and getting hard again) can vary and will be even longer if drinking. Do you/most guys use Viagra, Cialis, etc? If so, where do you get it - your regular doctor?
Him: I don't personally use it. I know several guys that use it, even though they may not necessarily need it. The only experience I recall them sharing with me though is that they just stay hard after cumming. I'm not sure if they take a second dose between partners or not. I personally just wait two hours between cumming and playing again. I've found that this ensures I will be good to go between partners. I've gotten hard again for a round two in under thirty minutes, but I've found that it isn't as reliable as just simply waiting and giving myself that break. During that time I will eat some food and drink some water, walk around, talk with people at whatever party I'm at. I believe you would be able to get the prescription through your regular doctor.

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