Caligula On-Premise Club Review

Caligula opened up in Queens, NY in the beginning of June 2013.  It is an on-premise club in which Friday nights are geared towards couples and single men and Saturday night is for couples only.    

The Club Itself

The club is located in Astoria.  There is plenty of parking and the club itself is two floors.  The first floor has a bar, dance floor, stage, seating and bathrooms.  The second floor has playrooms (both private and open) and bathrooms.  When we attended there was a person upstairs taking care of the playrooms, which we assume consists of changing sheets, letting couples into private rooms and making sure everything is operating smoothly in the play areas.


Couples should expect to pay between $85 - $100 on Saturday nights and $40 - $60 on Friday nights.  Single men should expect to pay approximately $100 on Friday nights.


As with other on-premise clubs, alcohol cannot be sold, therefore it is bring your own booze.  The club does provider bartenders to hold your bottle and to mix your drinks.

The Crowd

Considering we went for the grand opening weekend, we were quite disappointed with the crowd.  The vast majority of those in attendance were over forty years old.  Other than us there were two young attractive couples.  One did not swing at all and the other would not play on the first meeting.  The two groups who appear to be organizing the parties at this club are VIP Soiree and Roberto's.  The problem is that the Roberto's crowd is typically an over 40 crowd and that is the crowd that has appeared to show up on the night we went.  We were contacted by the hosts of Caligula to attend another party, but told them we would only attend if we received free admission due to the poor quality of the crowd the first time we went.  The hosts would only give us a 50% discount, we declined.  If the Swing Life Style (SLS) guest list is any indication, which typically it is, the quality of the crowd has not improved.


Unless the crowd improves, we recommend Taste (Manhattan), the Hamptons Party (Long Island) or any quality, pre-screened house party you can find.  If anyone else has attended recently and has found that the crowd has improved, meaning the majority of those in attendance are under forty and attractive, then please feel free to indicate so in the comments section and please include your SLS, Sexxy Mofo or SDC screen name so we can verify the comments.  Anonymous postings claiming how wonderful the club is will simply be deleted.

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Aless said...

The Hamptons Party remains my first choice, but im in search for new places recently and i think i could give it a try.

Anonymous said...

It must be wonderful to be under 40 and feel like the world revolves around your ever-so-sexy ass...It so happens that a magical thing happens when you are over 40...most people are aware as to who is more attractive than the next person, but as you can't help the fact that time keeps marching on you go a little yes, it's awesome to be amongst the young, beautiful, fit and attractive, but at the same time, if that is where you interests lie than you are condemning yourself to forever swim in your shallow little pool. The good news is that someday you too will be 40; perhaps by then you'll get lucky and grow a brain along with a somewhat saggy ass and wrinkles.

J and J said...

Someone is a little testy. Swinging is typically a couples activity. Being a couple, you have your partner that you likely have a deep emotionally connection with. When playing with other couples that will typically mean the emotionally connection can be either non existent or not so deep. Therefore what is of more significance is their attractiveness. Typically, younger people are more attractive than older people. So you are going to fault us for wanting to live the life that a lot of people fantasize about? Sleeping with young attractive people? Yes, we like to sleep with people that look like they came out of a fashion magazine or a Victoria secret catalog. Your issue is just that, yours. We seek physical beauty. It sounds like it has more to do with you being jealous than us being shallow. By the way, as I can tell you are such a fan of my writing, there is an updated review on Caligula scheduled to be posted two Saturdays from now ;-)

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