The Hampton's Party, But Not the Hampton's Party - A Very Short Review

So about that title...

The Hampton's Party is run by Lisexycpl4u on Swing Life Style (SLS).  They are best known for their summer All White party.  However, sometimes they co-host with another couple or group.  In this instance, for labor day weekend, a couple named Milena and Tierney organized the party.  Why are we using their real names?  Well they organize these parties on Facebook using their real names.  So if they don't have a problem using their own names, we sure as hell aren't going to have any issue with it.  We've heard very good things about their parties, and we know the couple from the scene, so for $50.00 and a long car ride to Hampton Bays, we thought we would give it a shot.

Hitting a deer on the way would have been more pleasant.

This was advertised as a pool party which began at 4 p.m.  Almost no one went in the pool because when they all arrived it was after 8 p.m. and pretty cold out. We showed up at 4:30 p.m. and were the second couple to arrive.  The hosts didn't even show up to their own party until several hours later.  Around ten couples in total came, and as far as matching pairs go (desirable girl/desirable guy) most were definitely mismatched.  There was a beautiful single girl that came and we had some naked fun in the hot tub with her and exchanged contact information but an engagement she had to go to prevented her from staying.  But aside from her, no choices really.  There was a very attractive couple that came around 11 p.m., but they were soft swap and the girl had a long day and was more or less asleep on her feet and we were ready to call it a night ourselves at that point. 

Anyway, midnight hits, we decide to leave before we turn into pumpkins and the hostess, Milena, begs us to stay because a car full of party-goers are en-route and should be there any minute.  No thank you, time to bail.  Damn shame of a party.  So not sure if there were any lessons learned here, but just a dud of a party.  We'll be sticking to the official Hampton Parties for now on.  

Hopefully my next post (god knows when that may be) will be chock full of new adventures.  

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