The Mayor's Party 2014 Review - Does the Town Need a New Mayor?

You thought the last blog post was a fluke didn't you?  No, I'm back...I really really mean it.

So there is a house party that takes place several times during the summer every year in Dix Hills, NY called the Mayor's Party.  We've been going to a couple the Mayor's parties each year, and this summer we went to two, the most recent being a couple of weeks ago.  

So is this the party for you?

If you are over 40 and overweight, you may have found the perfect fit, because if that is the case, sad to say, the dress you are wearing to his party probably doesn't.  

I know, I'm being terrible, but I'm also not one to be politically correct.  The truth is the truth.  If you enjoy big boned women (I refused to believe BBW means big beautiful women) then this might just be the party for you.

I do feel a tad bad bashing this party.  The host after all is a wonderful guy, but this party is in need of a makeover like Gordon Ramsey does for failing restaurants.

I'm fairly sure that once he reads this, as I am sure at some point he will . . . the lifestyle community is a small one, I won't be returning, but then again, I don't think we will be returning anyway, so oh well.

The venue itself is beautiful.  There are multiple bedrooms to play in - though you aren't allowed to shut the door . . . tisk tisk if you enjoy privacy - and the backyard is like a resort with tons of seating areas, an in-ground heated pool, and a hot tub.  The guy even has a tennis court.  All the old timers there rave about how the parties used to be A M A Z I N G.  But what they fail to realize is that they were all under thirty five back in those days.  The parties were probably like the Hampton's Party is now, with a hundred very attractive couples with no inhibitions.  However, ten to fifteen years has not been very kind to the vast majority of these poor souls.

In the past we would attend the party and there would be one or two attractive couples that would wander in and we would enjoy their company for the night . . . wink wink.  But these last two parties, this just was not the case.  Putting on my science cap and forming a hypothesis, I do believe that what likely happened was the young attractive couples have trickled in, realized the party was not their scene, and have just not returned.  The host also makes the mistake of posting a guest list on Swing Life Style (SLS).  This of course is a mistake because when you look at the guest list all you see is undesirables (unless you like BBW).  

So there you have it.  Oh wait, one more thing, almost completely forgot.  They do allow single men, though in a limited quantity.  So I know a lot of you readers out there are single guys just looking for the right party for you.  This actually isn't a bad party if you don't mind the 40+ crowd.  The funny thing is, there are some attractive women in their 40s there, but for some perplexing reason, the hotter the women get in their 40s, the more pregnant and atrocious looking their husbands get.  So if you are a single male, and that is what they are looking for, do you really care what the husband looks like?  Didn't think so.

So now, once again, there you have it.  Another fine review by yours truly.

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