Roulette/World II Friday Night Grand Opening Review

We decided to check out the grand opening of Roulette/World II in West Babylon, NY on Friday, September 26, 2014.  This is an on-premise club.  As with the typical lifestyle format, Friday nights allow single men, while Saturday nights are typically couples only.  We saw a couple we have been wanting to meet on the guest list, confirmed they were going, and decided to meet them there.

The venue is located at 92 Kean Street, West Babylon, NY.  This is right down the block from another on-premise club, Encounters, which is located at 45 Kean Street.  This caused us a bit of confusion.  The instructions in the Swing Life Style (SLS) event page indicated that to get to the club you turn off of Edison.  When you turn off of Edison you come to Encounters on the right hand side of the street.  Farther down the road on the left hand side of the street you find World II.  I would imagine there many have been many who intended to go to World II that ultimately ended up mistakenly at Encounters.

We got the last spot in the back parking lot.  Anyone that came after us would have to park on the street.  When you first enter through the rear door you are confronted with an extremely well lit room and a counter where you check-in and pay your entry fee.  For this night is was $35.00 per couple or $25.00 if you had signed up on the SLS guest list.  Single men were $50.00 and single women were free.  After checking in you are in the same well lit area with rows of sex toys.  There are also several rooms all of which had lighting that worked better for a lifestyle club.  There are men and women restrooms, a room that leads to a theater which was single men only with several couches and a large projection screen, another room next to it which had peep show viewing booths, and then another room next to that one called the "VIP Room" which we were told was couples only, unless a couple chose to bring a single male into the room with them.  If that occurred then that single guy had to remain with the couple the entire time while in the couples only room. This couples only room was a large open area, it had its own bathroom, there was a small beverage/food bar in one corner, there was a large flat screen television playing terrible porn, and about six couches against the walls of the room.  There were also two play areas which were anything but.  One was a small room with a sofa chair in it and the other was a room with a couch where the door couldn't close because the couch was in the way.

An important item to note is that they do not allow alcohol.  None at all.  They don't want you bringing your own and they do not serve any.

It looked as though we were the second couple to arrive.  There were several individuals running the show, all of whom were very nice.  They had shown us around and introduced us to a few different people.  As people came in it was obvious that this was going to be a much older crowd.  116 profiles on SLS signed up for the guest list.  At the time we left at around 12:30 a.m. there must have been about thirty couples in total that came through.  How many young attractive couples were there in total?  Three.  We are included in that tally.  Another couple we are familiar with is also in that tally, but for whatever reason the male in that couple does not care for us.  We have no idea why.  And then of course the couple we intended to meet.  There were two single girls that came, one of which was attractive and there was also a couple that came later in the evening with a gorgeous young blonde attached to him.  He looked like someone's grandpa.  I suspect that she was either an escort, mail order bride, or a sugar baby.

We more or less planted ourselves on one of the few available couches and waited to see if any prospects came in.  The party started at 9:30 and it wasn't until 11 that people really started arriving. We were friendly and mingled with any couples that approached us, but we just simply were not interested.  One couple asked to join us on the couch, so we scooted over and was having a good conversation until the male asked us if we were full swap.  My girlfriend told him we are, and then asked the same question to them and they told us he was full swap, but his girlfriend wasn't, that she only did girl on girl.  He didn't seem to understand how a guy could be okay with his girlfriend fucking another guy.  I'm sorry, do you know where you are?  My girlfriend tried pressing the issue, asking him whether he would be okay with it if it was something she wanted, which kind of made the whole conversation even more awkward and at this point it had already been pretty awkward.  So I said to them, "It sounds like you are looking for a threesome, you know there are two single girls sitting right over there on the other side of the room."  They excused themselves a couple of minutes later to get refreshments, which of course was the polite way of just ejecting from our conversation which had completely fell apart.  I suppose they had nothing to lose by trying, I take it as a compliment that they were attracted to my girlfriend, however, they should have either went for the single females or went to a vanilla bar if that is what they are seeking.  

While we were being distracted by their nonsense, the couple we were planning on meeting showed up and apparently ended up talking to that couple where the guy doesn't care for us.  So we let them be.  When that couple went to the bathroom together (why do couples need to go to the bathroom together?) we approached the couple we had been planning to meet and introduced ourselves.  And guess what, it turns out we already knew them.  We had met them two years back at Caligulas in Queens when they had first gotten started.  It is funny none of us realized it when we had exchanged photos on SLS, but as soon as we all started talking we realized it very quickly.   At some point they went outside to have a smoke, so I decided to go to the bathroom real quick.  I was gone for a couple of minutes tops, and apparently when I had gone to the bathroom a couple of single guys approached my girlfriend.  We were not happy about this.  Not that we have some fear of single men, but when we are told that single men are not allowed in the couple only area unless accompanied by a couple that invites them in, we expect the rule to be followed, especially on a grand opening night.  It brought us back to Bowery Bliss and when they did something similar.  The lifestyle is couples driven, the fastest way to make a venue fail is to make it about making money from single guys.

The hosts did say they were in the processes of making a seperate play area in a portion fo the venue that was still under development.  That may be a possibility, but this place already lost us.  If you want a swingers club to succeed, you need it to be (1) exclusive (pre-screen pre-screen pre-screen), (2) allow alcohol, (3) have real play areas with beds and some that allow privacy, and (4) whatever rules you have created, stick with them, otherwise you lose trust in those who are attending.  This place had none of that.

Our final verdict: Not recommended.

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