Swing Life Style (SLS) Fixes Photo Gallery Security Concern

So this is an interesting one.  It was brought to the attention of the administrators of Swing Life Style (SLS) during the week of October 13, 2014 that there was a security issue with their photo galleries.  It was possible for logged in users to view private galleries of other users without actually being granted access to those galleries by the owners of them.

Doing a search online I noticed a posting on a discussion board in August 2014 discussing ways to access SLS galleries that were private.  It is likely this discussion thread set off the administrators of SLS to address the issue.

It is our understanding that this photo gallery issue has been in existence for many years.  It could have been a useful piece of knowledge to those who were aware of it.  Imagine that they could see what members looked like prior to messaging them, see what they looked like before responding to them if they failed to open up their private galleries prior to initial contact, or see what people looked like on event guest lists without having to message each of them to find out.  

But all in all, I do find it amusing that it took SLS this long to realize this issue.  This incident does provide some useful lessons:

(1) Loose lips sink ships.  The idiot that posted the exploit on the discussion thread was an idiot if he ever intended to use that information again in the future.  Once any type of security flaw is posted publicly on the internet, everyone will know and then it will be repaired and no longer useful in very quick order.

(2) This is also a nice wake up call to those that think that posting any photos online can actually be private.  There is no such thing.  Don't post something online unless you are okay with the whole world seeing it at some point.  There are people still out there that think a script that shuts off right click function on a website prevents people from saving photos.  They must never have heard of print screen.  And after the celebrity nude photos leak from the iCloud, can anyone really think that once a photo is off your computer or cell phone it is really secure?

Obviously while such news may be concerning for those either already signed up to SLS or thinking of joining, I still believe it is the best website for facilitating swinging encounters in New York.  And SLS is not the only site with imperfect site designs.  Other sites have had security flaws as well.  Just be cautious with what you share online generally speaking and there should be no worries.

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