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On Saturday, October 25, 2014 we went to a house party in Long Island hosted by a couple we have known in the lifestyle for about a year now.  The party was scheduled to start at 9:30, however because we had a prior engagement to attend in Staten Island we were unable to make it until around 10:30 p.m.  This was a party that was on the smaller side with under ten couples. 

I believe this was their second party and I know from personal experience throwing large vanilla parties almost every month that it does take some time to get things right.  There were a few tweaks that if done I feel would have made the party better. 
Play Areas: First up, the bedroom situation.  Their place has three bedrooms, however one is used for an office, so that leaves two bedrooms with actual beds in it.  There was a twin bed in the room that was available to the party and the master bedroom with the larger queen or king sized mattress was off limits to guests.  I would suggest in the future, and for anyone throwing a lifestyle house party, open all bedrooms.  A single bedroom with a small mattress will not be enough to accommodate an entire party.  If you can fit an extra mattress on the floor in a room, definitely put one in.
Pets: Please put your pets away.  It is very unsexy to have a dog roaming around sniffing people's crotches.  Not to mention some people may have allergies. 
Temperature:  It was also cold in the house.  I think they use the bedroom that was available to play in for their dog to typically stay in, so they had the window open to air it out and the upstairs was freezing.  People will not be so quick to get naked if they are cold.  If they are warm however, clothes will easily come off.
Mixers and Drinks: A large variety of liquor and mixers should be out.  Alcohol helps fuel parties, whether they are vanilla or lifestyle.
At this particular party we had played with the hosts and two of the couples that were present on past occasions.  We were not interested in any of the other couples that were there.  Everyone was more or less congregated in the living room or kitchen.  They decorated nicely for Halloween, but this was not a costume party.  We were more or less just socializing and trying to decide whether we would replay with a couple or call it a night.  Around midnight a very attractive couple came in, Samantha and Mike.  Samantha was a thin blonde wearing a sexy school girl outfit.  As soon as she walked in the door I thought bingo, we have our couple.

We were in the living room and they walked through towards the kitchen with their drinks.  My girlfriend excused herself from her conversation with a few of the other guests and went to go speak with them.  I let them chat for about ten minutes and then headed over to the kitchen myself and joined in.  The four of us headed back to the living room and sat on the couch.  My girlfriend got up to go to the restroom and Samantha started getting physical with me right away and asked me if we would like to go upstairs.  I was pretty surprised at how quick they wanted to get things moving.  People were already starting to play in the living room and clothes were starting to come off so when my girlfriend came back from the bathroom I suggested we all go upstairs.  Surprisingly the sole bedroom was unoccupied, so of course we occupied it, locking the door behind us. 

You snooze, you lose.  With the four of us being the most attractive people at the party, it would only be a short time before others would try to join us and it makes life so much easier when you have a door to shut for privacy. 
My girlfriend and Samantha started making out and taking each other's clothes off.  We switched off fairly quickly and I began going down on Samantha.  I didn't really go down on her too long before she pulled me up and asked me to fuck her.  I went to down. This girl was extremely attractive and it was very easy being in that moment and enjoying the sex.  At some point in the entire mix of all of us fucking the host comes into the room and starts asking us what we were doing in the bedroom, didn't we know it was off limits.  He has a funny sense of humor which both my girlfriend and I get, but the couple we were with, not so much.  They actually thought they did something wrong and shouldn't be in the bedroom.  The host of course was just joking and let us be, but I had to calm Samantha down a little bit and make sure she understood he wasn't serious and was just messing with us that we weren't allowed to be playing the bedroom.  I had a wonderful time with Samantha and I think the four of us spent about two hours in that room together having fun with a little half time break in between sessions.  When I finished the second time I hear my girlfriend giggling next to me.  I didn't even notice but Mike was on his back and was literally bouncing her up off of him and then she would come down and land with his cock going into her.  She thought it was funny for some reason.  All I could think of is what in the world is this guy doing, he is going to end up in the hospital with a messed up cock if she lands funny.  Thankfully she didn't land funny. We got cleaned up, headed down stairs and did the customary goodbyes to everyone and called it another great night :-)

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Very helpful information. Definitely a good party set up helps the way people will enjoy the night. Good heat or A/C, god drinks, good friendly couples, good fun. We are looking forward for house parties in the Long Island area.

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