New Years Eve House Party (Bringing in 2015 with a Bang)

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts for the last two months.  My laptop decided ten years was long enough on this earth and died on me.  We've gone to six parties since then, so I will be trying to write out those experiences and schedule them to come out once a week moving forward.  This post will discuss our little New Years Eve adventure.

I've debated how to do the descriptions on the house parties.  Do I write the couple's screen name?  If I don't it really doesn't provide key information that those reading this blog would want.  But if I do, it will bring unwanted attention to a couple that we may enjoy seeing again.  I've decided not to put the hosts screen name, but at least you will get an overview of how the different house parties in the New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island areas work.  

We've been so busy going to parties that New Years Eve snuck up on us and we had made no plans.  We set up a hot date on Swing Life Style (SLS) and Swingers Date Club (SDC) hoping that couples would let us know if any house parties were going on in the area.  We were invited to three parties, but each of them had approximately five couples.  We won't attend parties typically with less than ten.  When you say ten, you normally get five that show up.  When you say five, guess how many will likely show up other than yourselves.  We turned down those three parties, thought our New Years Eve was a bust but then the day before got a message from a couple we recently played with going to a party.  We reached out to the hosts and our plans were set, a house party in Queens, NY.  

We, as usual, were the first to arrive.  We got there a few minutes before 9 p.m.  So we could both drink we took an Uber both ways.  I think that was the most expensive cab ride we've ever taken at approximately $140.00 round trip.  What we should have done was taken the Long Island Rail Road into Queens and then taken the Uber at a fraction of the cost.  We originally met this couple a few years back at a New Years Eve party hosted by Taste.  I believe there were nine couples including us.  The setup was done in the basement of the hosting couple's home.  So there was a bar/kitchen area and behind that were futons and air mattresses.  They did not have any snacks sadly, but did have alcohol and mixers out.  

This setup is not ideal for several reasons:
(1) Not all couples want to play in an open area where everyone can watch or easily join in.
(2) Opening up bedrooms for play allows those who want more privacy or to not have others jump in the comfort they need to have a good time.
(3) Air mattresses are terrible.  Only real mattresses should be used.  If the air mattress isn't inflated to the point of almost popping, it isn't going to do well supporting several people fucking on them.  Those on it will find themselves sinking in awkward positions which doesn't help in keeping the mood and flow going.
(4) What, no food?  Any party should at least have some snacks like chips, I don't care if we are fucking or just hanging out.

Out of the group of couples that were there, we decided that we were not going to replay with the hosts.  They are attractive, but I just don't feel any sexual chemistry with the woman.  We'll call them for the purposes of this post Brenda and John.  There was another couple that came in, Dave and Beth that really caught our eye.  She is a stripper...I mean dancer ;-) one of the high end clubs in Manhattan.  Sadly she is only soft swap so we crossed them off our list fairly quickly.  Two other couples caught our eye.  The first of the two was an attractive pair, but not overly attractive.  He had a resemblance to Nick Lashey.  She was a pretty brunette.  Lets call them Samantha and Nick.  We had chemistry with them right away, but the night wasn't really moving forward.  We then made sure we spoke with the other couple we were interested in, Amy and Peter.  They are both from South America and she was also and attractive brunette.  

Sometime around 12:30 a.m. the host make a good decision to turn off the lights.  At that point we had already dragged Samantha and Nick to the play area, being the first ones to jump right in.  Now typically there is a very easy natural progression to swinging.  The girls start playing with each other, and the guys then slowly join in completing the swap.  Very easy.  This couple...they didn't get the memo.  A little girl on girl but then right away he is fucking his girlfriend.  Finally at some point my girlfriend gets his attention and tells him that she wants him to eat her out.  He goes down on her, and Samantha goes down on me, but then right when it is time to advance things, she runs to the restroom then makes a detour to the stripper girl to exchange contact information.  Hello?  We were just about to fuck, what are you doing?  All of a sudden, Liz, a girl jumped on the bed with me and started going down on me.  Now we had played with Liz and her husband about a month prior at another party, but this definitely wasn't proper swinger etiquette.  It is essentially a cockblock.  Nick wanted to fuck my girlfriend but she shut it down at that moment because well...there was no swap happening.  I excused myself from the bed, feeling a little bad that I did that to Liz, but she more or less did that to herself, went to the bathroom myself, came back, decided to exchange numbers with the stripper couple myself and then went back to the bed to find Nick and his girlfriend Samantha fucking.  I just told my girlfriend it was time to head to couple number two.

We went to the other side of the room and got onto the sinking air mattress and began playing with that couple.  She was wearing some kind of elaborate lingerie that I could not figure out.  I got the bra off easy enough but as I was working on the garter belt, her husband Peter starts fucking her.  I'm sorry, but can't you see I'm working here, wtf?  So Jess takes Peter to a futon, lays back and starts sucking his cock while Amy went down on my girlfriend.  I fingered Amy for awhile, but the angle things were there was nothing more I could do other than start fucking her which I felt was too soon.  However, my girlfriend grabbed a condom, gave one to me and one to Peter and I started fucking her doggy style.  I'm not sure why, but Peter only fucked my girlfriend for a couple of minutes and then excused himself.  I continued to fuck Amy doggy for awhile and then moved her to another futon and fucked her missionary.  This was an attractive girl, but at the same time, I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it.  Her facial expression was very monotone...I'm not sure if that even makes sense, but that real sexual connection was just missing, that, and she wasn't very wet.  I decided to take a time out, head to the bathroom, grab a quick drink to re-hydrate and when I came back to the play area a couple of minutes later there was my girlfriend being eaten out by Amy with the original girl, Samantha making out with my girlfriend.

I got on the bed and started feeling up Samantha.  I had been a little annoyed with whatever nonsense was going on with her earlier, but I figured that I saw her fuck someone else a little while ago, maybe she was ready to go.  I put on a condom and began fucking her doggy style.  Her pussy....way better than Amy's pussy.  She was wet and she was enjoying it, moaning up a storm.  That got me really going.  I then switched her to missionary and fucked her until I came.  My girlfriend and I then decided to take a break and grab some water.  We got dressed and I think that signaled that the party was ending to a few couples there.  We just normally get dressed when we aren't playing.  It keeps people from trying to drag us back into the play area when we aren't ready to go back.  Both the girls I played with did not have a lot of experience and that may explain some things.  Also, Samantha claims she is a psychic that speaks to the dead for a maybe that is all that needs to be said about that one.  

Remember ladies and gents, swinging is easy.  Girl on girl then swap.  If one of the girls is not bisexual, then right into the swap.  Play with each other after, NOT before.  Especially not before WITHOUT condoms.  I know bodily fluid is being swapped on different levels, but the first thing a girl that is not your partner wants to do is suck on your cock after you've been plowing your wife with it for several minutes.  

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