House Party in Long Island

On Friday, February 20, 2015 we went to a house party in Dix Hills, Long Island.  It isn't often that there is a lifestyle house party going on during a Friday night.  Sadly, it is that time of the month for my girlfriend, so going we did not anticipate we would be playing.  In these situations we will let the hosts know and if they have no issue with us attending, we treat it as a meet and greet.
This party started at 8 p.m. and we arrived at 9 p.m. Typically we try to get to a party right when it starts, but since it was a weekday and we had work during the day, it prevented us from arriving earlier.  Approximately eight couples were there when we arrived and maybe fifteen in total came throughout the night.  There were young and attractive couples there and the hosts had a DJ and a dance floor setup.  I really have absolutely no criticisms of this party.  It was set up  exactly how a lifestyle house party should be. 
Upon arriving a woman, Mandy, we met at a different house party approximately a month ago came running over to us excited we came.  At first I didn't recognize her.  She is blond, attractive, maybe mid/late thirties.  Her husband was handling the DJ booth.  The host and hostess seemed really nice and was making sure they spoke a little with everyone and that everyone was having fun.  Now, my intention was not to play with anyone, but she came on very strong and was heavy on the flirting and touching.  I told my girlfriend that I have a feeling she will want to play with me, so if I disappear for awhile, that is where I will be.  At some point she pulled me onto the dance floor with the hostess, Lisa, who is this really cute brunette, thin, super sexy in how she carries herself, and they both started giving me a blow job on the dance room floor.  I then took Mandy upstairs to a bedroom where we proceeded to have a one on one sex session for awhile.  When I returned back down to the party, Lisa kept coming by and flirting up a storm with me as well.  She kept telling me how attractive I was and rubbing up on me.  I don't know, I just wasn't expecting so much attention at a party where I wasn't even planning on doing anything. 
As the evening progressed, different couples paired off and played, others danced, and others hung out in the kitchen chatting and getting to know each other.  I gave my girlfriend a heads up that if Lisa wanted to play I was going to go for it.  At some point Lisa was chatting with me and another couple and she looked at me and told me "you are so sexy, I just want a piece of you."  That was all I needed to hear.  I took her hand and told her we were going to one of the bedrooms.  The couple followed.  I think I ruined the threesome they thought they were going to have with Lisa.  When we get up there, it was kind of odd in that she started with some girl on girl with the female of the couple, and going down on me and then I just had sex with her for awhile while that couple played with themselves, and then we switched in the sense that the guy of the couple began doing her from behind while she went down on me and then we switched again and I had sex with Lisa until I came.  I think the female of that couple was pissed by the end of it.  She really didn't get any attention during all of that.
So overall, a very fun night for me.  I wish it could have been just as fun for my girlfriend.  Overall though, it is always nice to go to a house party that is fairly close, has a good number of young attractive couples, and is set up in the right way. 

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