Club Review: Colette in New Orleans, LA

My girlfriend and I visited New Orleans last week for the French Quarter Festival which ran from April 7th to the 10th.  During the visit we decided to look up couples on the various lifestyle sites as well as the clubs in the area.  The club we settled on was Colette. We found this to be a wonderful club.  We went on both Friday and Saturday night.  Unlike many clubs they put the pricing right on their website.  Both nights for couples are $60 plus a one night membership fee per visit of $20 for a total of $80.  They have longer membership fees, but for our purposes just visiting we did the nightly memberships.  Friday nights allow single men at $100 plus the $20 membership fee.  Saturday nights are couples only.  The club is open from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. at 822 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA 70112.  This is very conveniently located blocks from the French Quarter.  This is a byob (bring your own booze) venue, so you bring a bottle of liquor in, the bartender writes your name on it, and then will make whatever drink you like with it as the mixers are on them.
Club Setup
There is a door man outside the door on Gravier Street.  Upon walking in there is a check in table to the right.  You have to show a drivers license for each person attending the club and sign a membership form.  They take payment using credit cards as well as cash.  You then walk into a very large open room that consists of seating areas, a large oval bar, a dance floor, and a stage with a stripper pole.  Upstairs there are private rooms with doors, there is a large open library room, a theater room playing porn, semi-private rooms where there are curtains, a voyeur room with a large round bed that people can see in and watch the action but the people engaging in the action cannot see out of and an "orgy" room where many different people can play on a very large mattress.  There are men and women rooms on both floors.  There is also an elevator, however it was not in service when we visited.
Quality of Attendees
With both nights there were a good number of those in attendance with the age range from the early twenties to over fifty.  We more or less ignore the older couples and focus on those most visually appealing to us.  Friday night was not nearly as crowded as Saturday night.  The single men on Friday night were very respectful unlike the crowds typically found at the New York venues.   We had messaged with several couples on Swing Life Style (SLS), Swingers Date Club (SDC), Kasidie, and Love Voodoo during the week to try to arrange plans to meet up.  For Friday night we met at couple from SLS.  He was in his late thirties and she was twenty four.  She is an attractive brunette who runs a dance studio for a living and is in excellent shape.  We hit it off right away with them and after about an hour of great conversation we took it to one of the semi-private rooms and had a wonderful full swap experience.  We didn't leave the club until a little before 4 a.m.  On Saturday night we met up with several different couples from SLS and Kasidie.  The funny part was they all knew each other.  They were all there to celebrate the birthday of someone.  We chatted with all of them a bit and were definitely interested in one of the couples but in our periphery we kept seeing this really young attractive couple and decided to cold approach them.  Both of them are twenty four and she was just gorgeous.  Tall, thin, dirty blonde hair, and an adorable southern accent.  They had never done a full swap before and it took them awhile and asking them several times if they wanted to go upstairs to play before they did.  Once upstairs we switched off almost immediately.  I went down on her until she came and then had sex with her until I came.  My girlfriend came from the guy giving her oral.  After I came I asked blondie if she could come again from oral and when she said yes I went back down on her.  However, her boyfriend was having performance issues of some sort and started asking the her if she was okay.  She kept saying she was, but he started to look really uncomfortable.  I asked them if he would like us to stop playing and leave the room and he said yes.  So we headed back downstairs.  While downstairs he came over, apologized for ending play early, even though he was the only one that didn't cum, and blamed the stoppage on his girlfriend having too much to drink.  It is always hard playing with newbie couples.  You never know what kind of issues or challenges may come up.  While they were really a wonderful couple and fun to be with, I feel that maybe they went into full swap a little too soon.
So overall, quality was very good.  I did after all sleep with two beautiful twenty four year olds ;-)
Overall Impression
Colette was one of the best lifestyle clubs we've been to.  Every time we leave New York and visit a new club we are amazed at how the clubs in New York just don't compare.  We definitely recommend checking it out if you visit New Orleans/the French Quarter.

Video of Colette

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