House Party Fail

On Saturday, May 30, 2015 we went to a house party in Queens.  This is the same party we went to for New Years Eve and blogged about under the title "New Years Eve House Party (Bringing in 2015 with a Bang)."  We think the hosting couple is wonderful, but we just have to be honest in these blog posts, so sadly, we have to label this party as a fail.  There were several reasons it was a fail, but we will just focus on the two most important ones.  One is that there was a major hotel takeover party being thrown in New Jersey by Share Nation on the same night.  Second, the hosts failed over invite.  ALWAYS over invite for a lifestyle party.  You get 20 couples confirmed?  You will be lucky if 10 show up.  It is extremely unlikely that every couple will show up, and if you do, you just have a larger party.  For this party the hosts confirmed 11 couples. 

Ultimately there were four of us that showed up and one bailed very early, probably because they felt insulted.  The female was a vegan and to get an idea of the conversation that occurred:
Vegan: A vegan is someone who doesn't consume animal based products.
Non-Vegan: So if you swallow cum does that mean you really aren't a vegan?
Vegan: (Silence)
So you see, she probably wasn't a happy camper that her dietary habits were being questioned.  So they left and that led to the dreaded three couple party.  Another couple was supposed to arrive, but never did so at some point we went to go play.  So it was the hosts, Brenda and John (of course not their real names), us, and another couple who we will call Stacey and Kevin.  Kevin was better looking than Stacey, which is not typical of couples in the lifestyle.  Normally it is the woman who is better looking than the man.  She was a brunette, not thin, but not really overweight, attractive, but nothing to rave about.  Reading that back sounds harsh, but that is what it was.  So we all start getting undressed, Stacey and John head to a futon bed in the play area and Brenda and Kevin head over to an air mattress.  Stacey started going down on John and I was finger her from behind when the futon tipped over and the metal frame landed right on the top of my foot.  That hurt bad, lol.  My girlfriend and I then went on another bed and was making out.  Kevin left Brenda and asked if we could change things up.  We thought that was odd, I mean, your wife is having sex with Brenda's husband, that means you go play with Brenda...that is what a full swap is lmao.  I think it was a bit insulting to Brenda.  From my perspective it was as if he was saying, I don't want to play with you, but instead I want to go play with her.  If he wanted to swap with us he should have planned it out better with his wife before the playing started.  That is what we do.  So we declined his very nice offer and played with ourselves.  I went down on my girlfriend until she came and then she went down on me.  At some point both Stacey and John and Brenda and Kevin finished and then they were all hovering around our bed.  That was slightly awkward.  Stacey went to the bathroom and came back and my girlfriend and her began making out.
Stacey then laid my girlfriend onto the bed and went down on her.  I began finger Stacey from behind.  Her husband Kevin told me he wanted to see me fucker her while she ate at my girlfriend, which was really code for, I really want to fuck your girlfriend, please fuck my wife.  So I obliged.  I began fucking her doggy style and she did continue to eat out my girlfriend for a little while but then Kevin finally got to play with her as he clearly wanted to do from the beginning.  As I'm fucking Stacey she is just really wet and I have this she on her period?  Now you may think this as an odd thought, but there has been a few times in the past where I've played with girls that I thought were super wet and was their period.  It was dark in the room so I couldn't tell.  I then move her into missionary and fuck her in that position until I come, which surprisingly is almost at the exact same time Kevin cums.  I then excused myself to toss the condom into the garbage which was in a more well lit area and sure enough, blood all over me.  Terrible.  I cleaned myself up and when I come out my girlfriend tells me that Stacey wants her to go down on her.  I told her absolutely not, she has her period.  Meanwhile, how can she not know she has her period?  There were bloody paper towels in the garbage when I went to toss my condom, so John definitely knew, because he had to clean himself off as well.  Then Stacey went to the bathroom, so shouldn't she have realized it then before coming out to play with us?  Playing with someone on their period raises the risk of potentially contracting something and just because someone was tested recently doesn't mean they haven't gotten something since.  Very frustrating when things like that happen.
So that was pretty much it.  My girlfriend and I cleaned ourselves up and we called our Uber to wisk us back to Long Island.  Oh and one last note, they had absolutely no food, not even chips, pretzels, or anything.  Parties do need some sort of finger foods...goes under party planning 101.  Any party advise or printed book on the topic covers that.  Alcohol + no food = bad combination and any party where you are going to be present for several hours, in this case five, you will get hungry and need something, especially vigorous sexual activity.  So if I were to give advise to the hosts, it would be (1) Significantly over invite, and (2) Put out a bowl out of party mix please.

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