Instructions for Single Men

These are instructions on specifically how to go about meeting us.  This does not apply to all couples, but reading the below instructions and following them will likely benefit you with interactions with many couples involved in  the swinger, hotwife, cuckold, and polyamorous lifestyles.
(1)    Read Our Profile.
(2)    Send a message, NOT an instant message.
(3)    In that first message include g-rated photos that include your face sans glasses or hats.
(4)    During your first message, DO NOT:
a.       Discuss sexual activities.
b.      Ask to play.
c.       Ask to meet us for drinks.
(5)    Expect to exchange several messages and then ask for her KIK information and then continue the interaction using KIK.
(6)    You should be pursing the interactions.  We are extremely busy and are easily distracted by attractive couples, single females, and the party scene.  Not to mention we receive a significant amount of messages across several different lifestyle sites.  It is easy for people to fall through the cracks, so if you don’t wish to fall through the cracks, keep the conversation going with us.
(7)    Expect that you will be speaking with us for a period of time prior to any possibility of meeting.  Why?  It is not because we are looking for a new best friend or to form a polyamorous triad/triangle.  Rather it is because single men, while they like to think of themselves as part of the lifestyle, typically have no idea what the lifestyle is really about.  Understand that single men are a dime a dozen.  Not only that, really attractive single men are a dime a dozen.  Based upon the laws of supply and demand, we can take our time and choose our sexual partners wisely and not settle for mediocrity.  We want to avoid drama, stalkers, creeps, and asshole.  We want to make sure that you are a sane, grounded guy that we can have fun with and who will understand the limitations of our interactions.  We also want to make sure we are not going to waste a perfectly good Friday or Saturday night on you.  There are only so many of them a year and as a group single men have a surprisingly high flake rate, which does not even take into account the possibility of not having chemistry in person.  To do that we need to converse for a period of time to make sure that there are no red flags.
(8)    If you want to raise your chances of meeting us then invite us to a party.  This party can be a lifestyle party, a poly play party, or even a vanilla party (we promise we won’t embarrass you).  We just love parties.  If it is a lifestyle party however, please note that if it is a gangbang party or one that overwhelmingly caters to single men, it is not our scene.

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