The Importance of Certifications, Validations, and Testimonials

On each site they are called something different, but their purpose is the same. It allows one member to give a public review of another member that they have met.
For the remainder of this articles I will just use the term certifications.
We use certifications as a screening tool. We would prefer others to have met you and played with you and then taken the affirmative step to give you a certification telling all of the online service you are using how wonderful you are. The more of these certifications you have, the more at ease we are with meeting you because you’ve somehow convinced a large group of people that you are not an undesirable.
If someone tells us that they do not give or accept certifications, we look at it as a red flag. It may be a true statement, but we would rather pass on that person or couple. Typically people who say such things are either a fake profile or they want to be discreet. This is not a vanilla social media site we are connecting in. Everyone is on here for same or similar reasons. We don’t use full names and most of the time people block out face photos on the public albums. This isn’t a site where if you post a certification for someone your co-workers or family get a notification on the top of their screen. And certifications can be as simple as, “We met so and so and they were really cool and down to earth.” There is no need to describe every sexual act you may or may not have done.
The lack of certifications can also be an indication of a fake profile (a catfish, a married man, etc.). If the profile is more than a year old and there is no certifications then there is a very high likelihood that the profile is fake. If you are active in the lifestyle for a year, you should have met other couples or singles that could provide you with a certification during that time. This is also true if there is one certification attached and the profile that certified them also only has one certification.
No certifications on a particular site is not necessarily a red flag if the single or couple is on other sites as well. When someone messages us with no certifications, if there is initial attraction from their photos we may ask if they are on other sites. Personally we have the same screen name on several lifestyle sites. For instance, on Adult Friend Finder we have 1 testimonial, but on Swing Lifestyle (SLS) we have 76 certifications, Swingers Date Club (SDC) we have 9 validations, and on Sexxy Mofo we have 12.
We are frequently told by couples and singles that they have had a good number of experiences off of the site they are on. If you have no certifications and you tell us that, it is a red flag. If you had a good experience with someone, why did they not certify you? If you had multiple experiences with different couples or singles, how is it possible that not a one gave you a certification?
Certifications are extremely important. If you meet a single or couple you enjoyed spending time with you only befit them by giving them a certification and you only help yourself in asking for one, especially if you have none. Certifications make you stand out from the countless profiles that simply have none.

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Anonymous said...

"If someone tells us that they do not give or accept certifications, we look at it as a red flag. "

We say those exact words on our profile, and have been swinging for 13 years. The reason is we have been outted once, many years ago in a different location and certs are what lead to the outing. Some people don't know when to shut up it seems.

Added we use certs, not to prove you are real, but to see who you hang out with. You can learn a lot about a couple there, and often its not positive.

We also insist on voice/cam verification, and have never had any issues meeting a couple once that step happens.

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