A Quick Start Guide for Single Males Entering the Swinging Lifestyle

While we have written guides before for single men in the lifestyle, a question from a reader prompted me to give a quick broad breakdown of steps to get started in the lifestyle. 

Before I share the guide below, I just wanted to share some personal thoughts on becoming involved in the lifestyle. Swinging is a couples activity.  Either it is couples seeking out other couples, couples seeking out single men, or couples seeking out single females.  Can single men truly be in the lifestyle?  No.  They have no power within it.  Now this is different from the poly play party scene, which is more of a free love type of atmosphere and is not couple centric.  But focusing just on the swinging lifestyle scene, if I woke up single tomorrow, I would not get involved as a single guy. 

The vast majority of couples that are available and willing to play with single men in the lifestyle are older (45+).  Is that really why you want to become part of the lifestyle?  To sleep with older women, or is the fantasy to sleep with young, 21-40 year olds?  You are better off learning how to approach women, both during regular daylight hours and at night venues and you will enjoy a much greater quality and quantity of sexual partners.  Now obviously there are exceptions.  If you are very attractive and in phenomenal shape, you are likely to garner the attention of much more desirable couples and if you also fall into the BBC fantasy you may enjoy lots of desirable experiences. 

If you are reading this and thinking, what does this guy know, I know what I want, give me the steps, fine, here they are:

1. Make an account on Swing Life Style (SLS).
2. Make sure it is fully filled out and you have clear flattering photos of yourself.
3. Message couples that indicate they have a desire to meet single men, and
4. Look at the events posting for house/loft/apartment/hotel parties that allow single men and contact the hosts to attend. Avoid clubs on Friday night. They are a waste and will cost a single male 100 to 150 a pop just to get in.

Secondary to the above, Date actively and screen for girls interested in being open sexually and if so, attend lifestyle parties with that girl. Swinging as a couple is a completely different experience than trying to swing as a single. It is the equivalent of someone being color blind and one day waking up to see in color.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog you guys have there. What are your thoughts on gangbang hotel parties, as a venue for newbie single guys in the lifestyle?

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