Sex Party at the Shelburne Affinia Hotel in NYC

Even though we have been slacking in our posts, we have been active in the lifestyle, going to as many parties as we can.  The most recent one we went to was a hotel party a couple of weeks ago hosted at the Shelburne Affinia Hotel in Manhattan.  We are a bit hesitant about hotel parties due to the difference in atmosphere compared to house parties.  At a house party you typically have several different play areas where you can sneak off to and have fun, but at a hotel party it is all out in the open and easily leads to unwanted attention while you are trying to play with another couple.  The hosts had messaged us through Swing Life Style (SLS).  The fact that they themselves were young and attractive was a good sign.  They sent us a partial guest list and each couple on the list was very attractive.  The average age seemed to be early thirties.  That sold us on the party and off we went.  We were the first ones there for the start time of 8 p.m.  It was a beautiful suit with a large common area, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms.  I believe it ran the hosts around $800 to $900 for the night and they were charging each couple $60 to cover the costs.  It also had a balcony.  By 9 p.m. couples started trickling in and as each couple arrived we knew we would be in for a great party.  Maybe the fifth couple that came in, the girl was very attractive.  My girlfriend and I looked at each other and knew that she was the one we wanted to give our attention to.  She was a thin brunette in her early thirties wearing a short black skirt and white top. We immediately went over to where they sat themselves and introduced ourselves.  We will call them Kasey and Doug (not their real names). 

As we were flirting and getting to know Kasey and Doug, we were also including other couples in our vicinity in the conversation, more or less creating our own group.  Early on in the conversation Kasey indicated that they had one or two soft swap experiences and were not looking for full swap.  That was disappointing, but because we created a group of about six couples in our conversation we had other full swap options so we continued interacting until we though it was time to choose a couple and head to the bedrooms.  During this time we were all drinking and someone was sharing a mishap they had in the lifestyle with another couple.  Kasey responded, "how difficult is it?  The cock goes right here" [pointing to her pussy].  I immediately said to her, so does that mean you've just upgraded to being full swap?  She paused, looked at her boyfriend, then looked back and me, and said, "I guess so."  And so a full swap couple was born.  About ten minutes later we were in one of the bedrooms with my girlfriend taking off Kasey's clothes and the two of them making out. 

Now here comes one of the negatives with hotel parties and I do have to put some blame on Kasey.  When we started to get up to head to the bedroom, one of the girls of another couple asked her, "where are you guys going?"  Of course she just had to respond, "We are heading to the bedroom, you guys are all welcome."  Great, so now we had several couples and anyone in earshot that wanted to interpret what she said liberally heading to the bedroom with us. 

My girlfriend went down on Kasey and then they switched.  After some girl on girl, my girlfriend started sucking Doug's cock and I began going down on Kasey.  That is when others started coming onto the bed.  There were multiple hands feeling up Kasey.  It is just not the most enjoyable of experiences when I'm between the legs of a hot girl and my view is being blocked by guys trying to kiss the girl and play with her breasts.  Remember that these two have only had a soft swap experience or two in the past.  All the attention on Kasey was making Doug uncomfortable and that was physically manifested by his inability to get hard.  I decided that if I spent any more time going down on Kasey and not having sex, this full swap was going to fall apart.  So I put on a condom and started fucking Kasey missionary.  Again though, people were all in our space and her poor husband visibly frustrated.  After I came I suggested that Doug switch to fucking Kasey since maybe he would be more comfortable with that and then switch back to my girlfriend.  But even then at that point it was just not happening for the guy.  We decided to get dressed and head out to the common area for a water break. 

After we were all dressed Kasey had mentioned then that she felt uncomfortable and overwhelmed by all the people in the bed with us.  I told her that if she feels uncomfortable with people touching her, she needs to say something to them.  She isn't my partner so I'm not going to speak on her behalf for her.  A couple we are very friendly with was on the bed with us and the male half was one of the guys touching her and he actually asked her, "is it okay if I touch you?" and she said, "yes."  So she cannot blame others for being uncomfortable when she is giving the green light to people in the bed.  We suggested that the next time we play it can be just the four of us, this way it will be a more intimate experience.

And now for the second big negative of hotel parties: it got shut down.  Hotel management came knocking on the door, informed the hosts that there could only be six people in the room and everyone else had to leave.  I was happy, I got to have sex with a hot girl.  But I'm sure there were a lot of couples pretty upset that they traveled into the city, bought a bottle of liquor, and paid out the $60 entry fee just to be kicked out at midnight.  The party was a bit out of control.  There were a lot of couples, many were on the balcony being loud and smoking pot, and someone said the hostess kept running between bedrooms screaming out which room she thought was better which resulted in a group in one of the bedrooms to amp up the moaning. 

Overall we would go to another party hosted by this couple, just not at the Shelburne.  It seemed like a wonderful hotel to stay at if you were visiting Manhattan, just one to throw a sex party in. 

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