MeWe Group Party Review: Northeast Elite Swingers

We were going to be in East Rutherford, NJ on Friday, July 20, 2018 and posted a hot date on Swing Life Style (SLS).  A couple responded saying they were hosting a party in Newburg, NY, about an hours drive from where we were staying in New Jersey.  Initially we moved the conversation over to KIK and from there we were given an invitation to join their group called Northeast Elite Swingers on MeWe.  It is an invite only group and seems to be connected with another party called the Deviate Party Network.  We'll be attending a Deviate hotel event in August.

The description for the Northeast Elite Swingers group is:

Our new group is here so we can focus on the tristate area of NY, NJ and CONN. But also we accept all states and countries. We love to travel and hope you do too. Their should be no barrier for like minded people. We accept lifestyle swingers. Poly, open relationships, non monogamy, females, and non creepy select males. We offer all walks of the life style that is drama free. We will be tossing high energy meet n greets and in time hotel parties. House partys and any other venues are always welcome. Of course anyone in this group can meet one on one, two on two and so on. So lets have fun and make its the best lifestyle group out there. Members added will only be added if they have an existing member that can vouche for them. We dont want any creepers here. 

The house party was called "Luau House Party" and the description was as follows:

Friday July 20th 8pm to 3am Free BYOB house party. Snacks, beer, wine, soda and water are available. Everyone gets leid Hawaiian theme. Hostest [] requests theme attire.  [Address] will be provided week of event to everyone on guest list. Contact [] or myself with questions or issues. We have decided to not have single males at this event.

MeWe allows for event listings, chat, and guest lists.  We began interacting with different couples that would be at the party through MeWe.  The night of the party we arrived a bit late due to traffic.  We arrived at 10 p.m., two hours in and it looked as though pretty much everyone that was attending was already there.  There were ten to fifteen couples in attendance.  The hosts walked us around the party introducing us to everyone. 

We were instantly attracted to one couple in particular.  They were in their late twenties and she was really attractive.  They already were talking to another couple so we joined in the group.  As the night progressed me managed to pair off with them and head to a bedroom with just the four of us.  We began playing but before we got to intercourse she had to excuse herself as she wasn't feeling well.  She had a bit too much to drink and it got the better of her.  We felt horrible for them.  It is bad enough not feeling well from drinking too much, but even worse when it happens at a party.  The rest of the party had gone to a common play area and were having fun so we excused ourselves and headed to join the rest of the party where we ultimately swapped with another attractive couple attending the party.  

The hosts were very nice and made everyone feel comfortable.  They had snacks, mixers, and water out and opened up pretty much their entire house to those attending.  The quality of the couples there were good and the age range was from mid twenties to mid forties.  It was definitely worth the trip and we wouldn't hesitate to attend again if they have another house party in the future.  The group itself does throw house parties, meet and greets at public venues, and lists Deviate Party events.  

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