SLS Group Party Review: Greater NYC Swingers

On Saturday, July 15, 2018 we attended a hotel party in New Jersey hosted by the Greater NYC Swingers group on Swing Life Style (SLS).  Another couple had messaged us asking to meet and told us about the party.  We signed up for the party on SLS through the group page.  The description for the party was:

Greater New York SLS Group is a July LifeStyle Hotel Party on Saturday July 14 in [New Jersey]. This is a PRIVATE INVITE ONLY party. All guests are required to get pre-authorized ahead of time. This is a Couples only with a few select single females. All guests will be hand picked and interviewed (sorry we need to set a standard for this party). Details: Relaxed, easy going, no pressure atmosphere party. Limited to 16 Couples ONLY (due to space limitation). No requirement to play Door prize BYOB - favorite drinks (soda, juices, ice, water and cups will be provided along with a sexy server) BYOC - favorite condoms BYFT - favorite Toys Adult Swinger Games will be played. (Ice Breakers and more playfull) NON-SMOKING party Party 9PM - 3PM No entry after 11PM (hotle locks its main doors at 11pm and only hotel guests are allowed in) MUST have an SLS account as a couple Must open full body and face Pictures (of both males and female) to Host for verification NO SINGLE MEN 2 bedrooms to play and a living room to hang and play. Please contact Host for more info and details.

After adding ourselves to the guest list the host sent us a message on SLS asking if we have KIK or a phone number to text so they could ask a few questions and provide further details.  We provided them our cell number and were provided with more details as well as the cost.  It was $50 up until the week of the party and then it was raised to $75.  They had an online portal to pay.  We then booked a room in the same hotel.  We then proceeded to message every couple on the guest list letting them know we would be attending and our photos were open.  

We were the first to arrive at the party.  The hotel and suite were very nice.  There was a large living room/kitchen area, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms.  The hosts had plenty of snacks, mixers, and water available as well as music setup.  In total around fifteen to twenty couples came.  The quality of the couples was good with an age range of what looked like 30-45.  The host also had some ice breaker games (voluntary participation) that allowed couples to get to know each other.  The second couple to arrive was very attractive and we hit it off immediately only to find out when it was time to play that it was that time of the month for the girl.  We'll be seeing them at ShareNation in September so it will only be a short wait before we can pickup where we all left off.  We ultimately had a full swap with another couple who we had great chemistry with.  There were definitely several possibilities that night which is just the way we like parties.  The party came to an end around 2 a.m.  We would absolutely go back and in fact are looking forward to being able to attend the next one.  If you are interested in a well put together hotel party with hosts that get it, then this is a party to look into.

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