SLS Group Party Review: Real Sex in CT

On Saturday, July 7, 2018, we attended a house party in Wallingford, CT run by the group on Swing Life Style (SLS) called "Real Sex in CT."  We found the party by posting in the hot date section of SLS asking if anyone was attending or hosting a house/apartment/hotel party.  A single guy messaged us with the information.  The description reads:

This house party on Saturday July 7th is from 9 PM till 1 AM with no admittance after 10:30 PM. No one will be allowed in unless you receive a confirmation. Upscale neighborhood and spacious 3 level home. Check out our Certs from past attendees if you haven't joined us before. These are great parties and with no pressure.....just fun! Please read carefully before you sign up for this one: The party is height and weight proportionate. Anyone signing up that doesn't fit into this category will not be confirmed. Our parties have a higher ratio of men to women and all attendees are properly screened. The March party had a long waiting list so be sure to sign up early. It's not fair to others if you are a no show. Sexy attire for women is encouraged and smart casual or classy for males. Bring your own alcohol. We supply mixers, water and snacks. The location along with additional details will be provided 7-10 days in advance. Hope to see you soon!

The final count on the guest list on SLS was 73 accounts that indicated they were going.

We used our regular strategy when attending house parties and messaged every couple and single guy that we thought we may be interested in.  The messages were mere introductions letting them know we saw them on the guest list and that our photos were open.  Almost all of the guests we messaged responded opening their photos and letting us know if they were definitely attending or not.  We spoke further with some of the couples we had a higher interest in than others.

After signing up on the guest list via SLS the hosts sent us a message and asked us to shift the communication to e-mail.  Below is a copy of the e-mail minus the location details:

This house party is on and coming up fast! Saturday July 7th from 9 PM till 1 AM. Doors open at 9 with no admittance after 10:30 PM so we can have fun too. Please don’t be late or you’ll miss out. These are great parties and with no pressure……just fun! BYOB but we provide the water, mixers and tasty snacks. The door donation for couples to help with our expenses is $40. Party starts downstairs where the bar and pool table are. 2 more floors to roam and feel comfortable in any time you like. 3rd floor rooms are all open door so please do not close. Plenty of on street parking in a safe, beautiful neighborhood. Please don’t park on the lawn. Large blue/grey colonial and [redacted] 2 hotels are right off the exit if you need that information. Please let us know if you can’t make it even though we will surely be disappointed. Feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered questions. Thanks and see you soon!!

We asked them about the early 1 a.m. end time.  Their response was that it definitely does end at that time as they need to spend the entire next day cleaning up the house.

We were coming from Long Island and the drive was 2 1/2 hours.  We looked at nearby hotels and the rates appeared to be around $160 a night for most of the hotels with one hotel being around $80 for the night.  We decided to skip the hotel and arrived almost at  9 p.m. on the dot.  Pretty much everyone that was coming seemed to have arrived in the admittance window.  I believe every couple we spoke with on SLS came to the party.  The age range of the couples was somewhere between 35-55.  There were at least two single girls in attendance.  The single men all appeared to be under 40 and almost every one of them was respectful.

The hosts put out hot food, junk food, soda mixers, and water.  One thing we did notice was that it appeared a lot of people did not bring any alcohol and someone or more than one person was drinking the liquor brought by others.  One couple we were talking to made himself and his wife a drink and then when he went to pour himself a second the entire bottle was empty.

We spent the first hour and a half talking to as many couples as possible, introducing ourselves to them as they came into the basement.  We connected with a couple in particular that we were interested in playing with but they did not feel comfortable staying and playing as there were a lot of people in attendance.  They were a bit on the new side so it is completely understandable. We exchanged numbers and promised to meet up at a later date.  We then introduced ourselves to an attractive single female (brunette, thin, mid-thirties) who had a hall pass from her husband.  It was her first time attending and we really hit it off.  It was at this moment I regretted not having gotten a hotel room nearby.  Surprisingly she was okay going upstairs and just as we were heading upstairs one of the bedrooms freed up.  We proceeded to have a threesome and not one single couple or single guy tried to come onto the bed and only one single guy asked if he could have permission to join which my girlfriend politely declined.  We had a very large audience watching and at some point a single male came in and was loudly asking why all the guys were just standing there watching and not joining in.  He clearly did not get it.  One of the single males told him that we were playing alone and the loud single guy left in a huff.  Overall I think this speaks highly of the quality of single men that were invited to the party.  Normally in environments geared towards playing with single guys they are unacceptably aggressive.  Even all the guys that introduced themselves to us throughout the night were quality guys who we would have taken an interest in if we didn't find ourselves connecting with a couple or single girl.

When we finished playing, cleaned up, and headed back to the main floor to call it a night it was only around 12:15 a.m.  So in the end the 1 a.m. end time wasn't a factor.  We would definitely go to another one of this group's parties.  If you are strictly into couples you can definitely find a connection at this party and if you are on the hunt for single men this is an ideal party to attend.

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