What We've Been Up To - 2018

We have been pretty busy so far this year attending parties, whether they be hotel takeovers, hotel parties, house parties, or clubs.  However, we decided moving forward that every experience doesn't require a post.  We are only going to write about parties run by established groups or clubs and not review one off house or hotel parties we go to that may be hosted by a couple that throws them once in a blue moon.  We plan on attending a couple of more ShareNation hotel takeovers this year and we visited Pleasure Garden in Philadelphia a couple of weeks back that deserves a post.  We know we are attending one house party and two hotels parties this month (July 2018) and one hotel party next month to give you an idea of how active we've been.  Just this past weekend we attended a house party and a hotel party followed by the Manor Boody Party a few days ago which we recently posted about.  

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