Fairfield & Westchester County Swingers (FWCS)

On August 4, 2018 we attended the Fairfield & Westchester County Swingers (FWCS) "Leather & Lace Hotel Takeover" in Norwalk, CT.  We found the event by browsing through the event section of Swing Life Style (SLS).  The party is also listed on the Swingers Date Club (SDC).  FWCS has a website at http://www.fwcs.party.  The advertisement on SLS, SDC, and their site was as follows:

The Party: The night will kick off with a blowout dance party from 9PM-1AM. Come dance, mingle and get freaky with old and new friends. We’ll have hors d'oeuvres, Elle will be passing out free signature shots and free goodie bags for everyone who gets a room. We'll have three bars open all night long to mix your favorite libations. Our parties are always newbie-friendly. We encourage everyone to party and to play at their own pace. Our group is friendly, welcoming and Sexy! For us swinging is about having a good time with great people. No drama, no pressure and never any expectations of play. Not everyone will play, many will just mingle and all will have a good time. The theme for this party is "Leather and Lace". Ladies, dress in your sexiest leather or lace outfits. Gentlemen, if you don't want to wear leather, black is always a good choice! Not into themes? Don't worry, dressing in theme is completely optional. The Hotel: This is a large hotel and we will be taking over the top 3 floors exclusively for our group. We will also have the ballroom and some of the smaller meeting spaces on the first floor. You are not required to stay at the hotel to attend the party. Meet & Greet Dinner: There will be an optional meet and greet dinner buffet at the hotel from 5:30-7:00PM on Saturday night. Full details are on our site. Spinach Salad with Cranberries, Roasted Walnuts, Feta in a Lite Vinaigrette Dressing Sautéed Chicken Marsala Grilled Salmon with Tropical Fruit Salsa Warm rolls with butter Seasonal vegetables and starch Soft Drinks, Coffee Dessert The Fine Print: This is a private event, and only those on our guest list will receive the hotel and venue information. Space is limited, and WE WILL fill up. As always, we have a no questions asked cancellation policy up to 24 hours before the event. More Info: Space is limited, open to couples, single females and a very few select single males. Add yourself to the list for the rest of the details.

After singing up on SLS we sent the hosts a message and in turn they sent us a link to purchase tickets.  The ticket for a couple was $70 and for the hotel room $99 using their group code.  On the SLS event page those who paid had the word "Confirmed" on their profile picture and so we went through the list and messaged couples before hand that looked attractive and were confirmed to go.  We connected with six couples prior to going that we were really interested in but two cancelled prior to the party.

We arrived at around 7 p.m., checked into our room and then proceeded to the eighth floor to check in.  We were given a goodie bag and were given wristbands to access the ballroom.  We were told that attendees were placed on floors six through eight, but that there were vanilla people on the floors as well.  At 8 p.m. we headed downstairs to the ballroom.  There was security outside the room that checked for wristbands.  I'm not sure how many couples ultimately were in the ballroom, but it was packed.  The age range from the couples we interacted with were 30-60.  There were a good number of couples in their thirties and forties.  There were a few cash bars in the ballroom.  I don't recall how much beer was, but top shelf liquor was $9 and bottom shelf $8.  You were not allowed to bring your own alcohol into the ballroom.  We connected with some couples we had been speaking to online and at some point went up with a group to one of their rooms.  There were four couples, including us in total.  However, from what I was able to tell us and another couple, one that we had spoken online with prior to the party, were the only two couples that actually swapped in our group.  When we got finished playing it was close to 1 a.m.  We thought that there would be things going on between floors six through eight so we went back to our room, had a quick shower, and then went to explore, but it was pretty much dead.  A couple we knew gave us their room number so we headed there.  They were about to get started playing with another couple who we had met before but hadn't played with.  So we joined in and had a little orgy.  After that we headed back to our room.

One thing to note is that there were single men allowed in the party.  There did not seem to be many.  The hosts told us they tried to keep the amount to about 5% of all attendees.  Only one single guy approached us and I think it is important to mention because from start to finish he did not go about it in the best way.  I don't think what I'm about to share is a poor reflection on FWCS, but I'm including it for any single guys reading this so they can understand a couple's perspective and maybe avoid the same mistake this single guy made. 

On the day of the single guy sent us a message on SLS saying, "Hi.. I am a nice 30 year old doctor living in manhattan.. i'll be attending the party sat night in CT as well and would love to meet. I've never been to one of their parties but have heard great things. Take care. Dr J" I'm not sure how new or experienced he is to the lifestyle, but I do not know any couples in the lifestyle that would care one bit that he is a doctor.  It seemed odd to throw that in a first message, like he thought that would open doors for him somehow.  But anyhow, we ignored the message.  We already had made several connections online with couples we intended on meeting and didn't want to encourage any single guys to insert themselves into our conversations because they were thinking with their cock instead of their head, which has happened in the past.  So the entire party comes and goes (8 p.m. to 1 a.m.) and we've had our fun with two different groups already and we finally get back to our room ready to call it a night and within five seconds of shutting our door "Dr J" is knocking on it.  I recognized him from seeing him in the ballroom several times throughout the night.  He had all night to try to talk to us and now he is knocking on our hotel room door after watching us go in.  I have no idea where he came from, but it did come off creepy.  So now he wanted to have an opportunity to speak with us and right after opening the door and introducing ourselves one of the first things out of his mouth is that he is a doctor and also recalls seeing that we have advanced degrees and are professionals as well.  Yes, when we conversate with others at some point during the conversation what we do for a living does typically come up, but we don't lead with it.  The only reason I put it in the profile is that I want others to know we are educated and can likely carry a conversation.  Anyhow, I told him we were calling it a night, we had already played several times, and that maybe sometime in the future if we see him at a party we can see if there is chemistry, but not now, we are exhausted.  He seemed surprised and wanted to know where we played and I explained to him that we met different couples during the party in the ballroom and went back to their rooms and played, that these weren't open party rooms and that is how it is typically done.  He seemed disappointed, but that is what happens when you wander around the ballroom aimlessly all night and think that girls will spread their legs for you just because you went to medical school.  

Overall we had a really good time and would definitely go back.  However, we found ShareNation to be the superior hotel takeover and if the two had an event on the same night we would choose ShareNation over FWCS and here is why: (1) ShareNation is a two night event, allowing for the ability to connect with and play with many more couples. (2) ShareNation is couples only. (3) ShareNation is a full hotel takeover while FWCS is a partial hotel takeover.  There were plenty of vanilla people in the lobby area which were giving odd looks to the attendees and unlike ShareNation where the entire hotel is lifestyle, you didn't know if you had any vanillas around that can possibly be offended. (4) ShareNation had a dedicated party floor so after their ballroom closes the after party continues for the rest of the night which meant that you can continue making connections beyond 1 a.m.  

There are other hotel takeovers such as Philly Friction and IntimateParties Group (IPG) which we haven't yet tried so we aren't sure how ShareNation and FWCS compare to those parties yet, but we will be sure to give writeups after we check them out.

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