Clubs & Parties Update

This past year we've been going to lifestyle parties on an almost weekly basis.  The lack of posts have merely been because I did not see the benefit of reviewing the same venues over and over again. I also didn't see the point in reviewing one off or private house or hotel parties.  We did head to Philly Friction for the first time in October 2018 and were signed up to go again this past weekend.  Unfortunately they had an issue with the hotel and had to cancel the party so we went to Share Nation in Rhode Island instead, which was a blast, just like all the other Share Nation takeovers we've been to in both New Jersey and Rhode Island.  I wanted to hit one more Philly Friction before writing the review of that takeover.  I have updated the Clubs and Parties section to include hotel takeovers, cruises, and resorts.   We're signed up for the 2020 Bliss Cruise so that will be something new.

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