Friction Hotel Takeovers

Friction hosts hotel takeovers in several states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio.  You can find them here:  We have been to three of their takeovers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  These parties are very similar to ShareNation takeovers. They are two day events, are full takeovers, have a theme, different daytime activities, and even operate off a Modern Life website format so a couple can copy their profile between the two sites.  These are couple and single female only takeovers, so no single men.  We went to two of their Halloween takeovers and one of their pool party takeovers.  The crowd is a younger crowd compared to the ShareNation NJ takeovers and are more on par with the ShareNation RI takeovers.  We haven't been able to figure out who the hosts are at these parties in the sense that at ShareNation the hosts, Janis and Carlos, are friendly, always available, and the face of the takeover, where Philly Friction it just isn't obvious to us.  We have noticed that the Fridays appear to be full takeovers and have more guests in attendance than we have seen at ShareNation.  We haven't been to an IPG takeover on a Friday night, but at a recent one we attended we were told by other guests that the Friday night wasn't crowded. Overall we enjoy the Friction takeovers and our plan is to continue to attend them.

To give an example of their format I've copied below their itinerary for the last party of theirs we attended back in October 2019.  This particular party cost us approximately $51 which was at a discount for early purchase.  A one year membership is $109, though there are also options for monthly, three months, and six months.  I cannot recall the cost of the hotel room per night but I believe it was somewhere between $100 and $150.

Friday, October 26:

SDC kick off Friday Night - "The Devils Desire" 9 PM: This event starts off in the PRIVATE Lounge with a Cash bar and music. Then following the lounge we will move to the amazing, sexy pool set up at 11PM! Erotic lighting, party music, a huge Jacuzzi. (You can stay and party in the lounge also until 2 AM - Your choice). We will have the pool decked out all in RED lighting for this event.

Saturday, October 27:

11 AM: -Yoga class with Melicent & Bradford "SynWithUs" - Please bring your own mats. We will have water & towels

1 to 2 PM - Pole dancing class in main ballroom with Alyisha

12:30 AM:  Late night pizza served compliments of Friction

12:30 AM- Pool opens back up for After party with dance/sexy music for truly erotic experience. (CASH BAR) Guest DJ NIPS/DJ Dominic Anthony will have you partying all night long!

2:30 PM - Erotic massage classes - learn how to give your partner an erotic massage.

2 PM- Early check in & open sexy swim in the indoor pool - great way to meet sexy members before the main event!

7:00 PM - Special ultra sexy guest host" RJNALLIE" pre meet. Intro for newbies/Friction parties and open to all on 4th floor suite with light appys & shots.  Our biggest pre meet with lots of room to socialize.

9 PM- 1:30 AM -Main event (CASH BAR) in ballroom with DJ RUPE, stripper poles, dance cage.. A PLAYROOM will be available across from the ballroom till 3 AM as well as a quite lounge for hanging, talking & getting to know others. The downstairs lounge will also be open with music, drinks and food. MANY OPTIONS!

2:AM -FRICTIONS famous Floor crawl on the 3rd Floor -"Shots to Share-Trick or Treat" theme - We ask that if you request this floor & are staying on this floor, that you MUST have doors open and participate. If you like to retire to a quiet floor than please do not choose this floor for your room. EVERYONE will have the chance to meet someone on this night.

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